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‘Free’ written by Diane F. Byrne

  15 years ago—I met her at Adult Day Care-a fine place she touched into my heart so she challenged me and I, enjoying a good challenge, accepted. Through her challenge she taught me about patience-dignity-respect. She taught me about the beauty and grace of…


Tears (on Alzheimer’s disease and onions) written by Diane Byrne

  Tears (on Alzheimer’s disease and onions)   We are all onions wee Lily allium whiteyellowred sprung from earth our core spirit uniquely fixed and tightly bound bulb with iris, coloured and whorls in hair. Tender, pearled, soft skinned crying and smelling sweet.   We…


Past Present Future written by Diane F. Byrne

  Past Present Future (Dedicated to all those working for a future without Alzheimer’s disease   Past In the past she was a beautiful woman, my mother, lover of life, my guiding light, warm compassionate gentleness radiating through all she touched so kindly. In the…