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A trained energy practitioner can accelerate the process of healing. Contact us for an energy balancing session. In-person or absentee appointments available.


Esoteric Healing Session
Experience trained hands that are sensitized to feel imbalances in your energy field and bring them into balance to allow your natural energy flow to return. Esoteric healing is a very specific, high vibrational technical modality. It is technical like acupuncture. Acupuncture does to the body what esoteric healing does to the energy field. It’s all about bringing balance by removing blockages that can be detected in the energy field. By removing blockages or imbalances it allows your natural flow of energy to return and it restores you to a better sense of wellness to enliven your own healing ability. The experience of receiving a treatment is individual to each person.  Some experience deep relaxation while others experience increased energy or a need to rest.


These are the energy fields of the human body, Stress depletes our supportive energy to be good caregivers and to be effective in our daily life.


  • The Physical Energy Body
The first layer is our physical energy body. This is our physical selves but our physical body is also energy. The physical body is energized by the etheric body.


  • The Etheric Energy Body
The second layer is our etheric energy body. It surrounds and inter-penetrates the physical body. It has the task of receiving life force energy, assimilating it, and transmitting it to vitalize the physical body.


  • The Emotional Energy Body
The third layer is our emotional energy body. This is the keeper of our feelings and deals with our desires. Our fears and our jubilations reside in the emotional body.


  • The Mental Energy Body
The fourth layer is our mental energy body. It is in the mental layer where our ideas spring forward from. Our belief systems are stored here and this is where our thoughts are assimilated and sorted out. Our perceptions based on our experiences are also stored here.


  • The Spiritual Energy Body
The spiritual energy body is the fifth layer of our energy body and has many layers within its field. It is where our “consciousness” or “higher awareness” resides.



Pricing: $75 for a 1 hour Session


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